September 18, 2014

Made in America: CBS Early Show

The Made in America media storm began with ABC’s World News with Diane Sawyer. Then NBC weighed in.

Now CBS takes its turn: A producer from The Early Show called American Made Alliance the day we returned from the Grand Canyon.

He said he saw the press releases about our rally and our national campaign!

He asked us to identify an American artist who makes Americana, and who must compete with the imported “patriotic” goods sold at the gift shops at American landmarks and museums.

We put him in touch with jewelry artist Merrie Buchsbaum of Merrily Made, in Connecticut. Check out her story here.

Americana jewelry by Merrily Made


  1. Chiana says:

    That’s not just logic. That’s really sesnible.

  2. I’ve been watching this story develop since last January when Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) recalled his experience on Thom Hartmann’s regular “Friday Brunch With Bernie” last winter. You will no doubt find these links encouraging.

    As a builder of detailed (“from scatch”) historically-themed replication birdhouses and nativity creche display stall;, hearing Sen. Sanders describe his efforts to get the Smithsonian to sell more products that are actually made IN America has been very heartening to a 60 year old newbie in this line of niche crafts work.

    Happy reading!

    Steven Barrett
    Nature’s Heirlooms, Hadley, MA

    • Nearly three years later and I’m responding to the last replier who happens to be … yours’ truly. What does this say? Thankfully, in the meantime at least Senator Sanders and Congressman Rahal did something about the situation. But why does it take an article showing how conditioned we’ve become to demonstrating utter cheapness when it comes to supporting American crafters and small businesses — to bring about the change necessary to help protect our industries in their losing battle against foreign subsidized “competitors”? What’s it going to take to wake this country up: The actual privatization of the national landmarks we’d like to be able to sell more American made keepsakes to remember our visits to them? If that happens, don’t be surprised if there’s a new Disney Park in China and the [actual] Statue of Liberty is there to greet American “guests.”

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