September 30, 2014

Grand Canyon Event, May 27-28-29

Dear Members, Friends, Artists and Advocates:

When was the last time you had an opportunity to change the world? …or the lives of U.S. artists?

I’m asking members and artists (and their friends and family) to join us at the Grand Canyon, South Rim, over Memorial Day Weekend — or support us by spreading the word — as we urge the gift shops in America’s national parks to sell more authentic American and tribal gift products.

We will be launching our “Demand American Made” national campaign this coming May 27-28-29 (Friday through Sunday of the Memorial Day Weekend), 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. each day, with a rally outside the Bright Angel Gift Shop, Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim.  It is the first in a series of events planned this summer.

I will be there, and I hope you will join me, even if just for an afternoon! Details are below.

Wendy Rosen, founder, American Made Alliance

Rally at the Grand Canyon:
The designated area for gathering at 11 a.m. is outside of Bright Angel Lodge, on the Rim Side, with a view of the canyon. The lodge address is Highway 64, South Rim, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ 86023.

The designated area for parking is the new Grand Canyon Visitor Center area. From there, take one of the park-provided shuttle buses to the Bright Angel Lodge. One of the stops is
right by the building. Here is a link to the South Rim Transit Map: You can see the blue shuttle route from the parking lot to the lodge.

Park rules to remember: We have an official permit for this free speech event, and we must abide by certain rules that protect the park. No sound amplification equipment can be used. We may gather only in the designated area, and we may not block entrances or solicit customers inside the buildings. We are allowed to distribute our leaflets and hold our signs and banners. We must leave the area clean, and if necessary, carry out our own trash when we depart.

Days and times:
May 27, 28 and 29, 2011 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday), from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

When the stores at American landmarks and national parks are selling more “Made in China” souvenirs than “Made in America” gift products, we’re all the losers. Authentic American and Native American artisans and manufacturers are deprived of a major marketplace and opportunities to grow their entrepreneurial ventures. The communities they live in lose, too, because they’re being deprived of economic investment that the American and Native American gift producers could be putting into their local economies, whether Main Street, rural or tribal. We’re launching this national campaign to call on the stores of the national parks and U.S. landmarks to carry more authentic Made in America gift and souvenir products, including authentic tribal arts and crafts. We’re be handing out leaflets and asking consumers to look at product tags when they shop in these stores: Ask for authentic American-made, Native American-made, artisan-made, locally made.

Rally Sponsor:
The official National Park Service permit for this free speech event has been obtained by the American Made Alliance, a 501c6 trade association and arts advocacy group founded in 2005 to support the creation of opportunities for artist entrepreneurs, studios and micro-enterprises, and to make consumers and legislators aware of the unique value, quality and economic impact of American artisan-made products.

The event is endorsed by:

– The Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+)

– Council for Indigenous Arts and Culture, promoting the recognition and public awareness of Authentic Indian Arts and Crafts

Urge the National Park Service concessions to buy more “Made in America” gifts and souvenirs and more authentic Native American products. Join us if you can.
Tweet about it. Mention it on Facebook. Tell your media contacts and your friends.




Wendy Rosen:    800.432.7238, ext. 226 (OFFICE)


  1. Mark Martinez, Councilman says:

    Representing the Pueblo of Zuni from the Governors office and the Council for Indigenous Arts and Culture.

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