September 20, 2014

Arts Business Roundtable Feb 18-20

What is the future of micro-enterprise in America? When will the U.S. create and implement a manufacturing development plan? How can the White House support Made in America? Bring your ideas and suggestions to share. Join us Feb 18-20 in Philadelphia at the Pennsylvania Convention Center.  Co-Sponsored by the Buyers Market of American Craft.

We Believe…

We Believe every consumer has a right to know where a product comes from. In today’s global economy, domestic manufacturers are forced to compete in an unfair marketplace where most gifts, house wares, jewelry and accessories are marked with removable paper stickers that indicate country of origin.  Many retailers and wholesalers remove these labels in […]

Progress check at the Smithsonian

Senator Bernie Sanders paid an official visit to the Smithsonian’s “Price of Freedom” museum store recently. At his urging this spring, the Smithsonian agreed to restock the store with all American-made products. For details about his Made in America advocacy and his efforts at the Smithsonian, check out his Facebook page. See here what he […]

Made in America: CBS Early Show

Americana jewelry by Merrily Made

Take a look at the report on the CBS Early Show today, all about the Made in America issue. The news story features jewelry artist Merrie Buchsbaum of Merrily Made.

Report from the Grand Canyon: Made in America

Outside the Bright Angel Gift Shop

Grand Canyon National Park visitors revealed their apprehension and distrust about attempting to purchase anything other than imported souvenirs. They came to the area hoping to meet local artisans, and learn about local handmade pottery, jewelry and native arts. Instead they felt almost forced to buy imports they didn’t want. Better merchandising and labeling, and improved sales training, are needed.

Grand Canyon Demonstration is a Success!

Tony Eriacho, president of the Council for Indigenous Arts and Culture, joined us at the Grand Canyon to launch our national campaign. His organization promotes awareness and recognition of authentic Indian arts and crafts.  The Council endorses our campaign. Other endorsers are The Zuni Tribe,  the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF+) and American Made Matters, a group of U.S.-based small manufacturers. We appreciate all of our endorsers!

The goal is jobs creation. Who will benefit? All of us! We visited Bright Angel gift store run by the concessioner Xanterra. We saw room for improvement: For example, products designed in America, but manufactured China, should not be labeled Made in the USA. We urged them to carry more work actually made by American and Native American artisans. See photo…

Buy authentic Native-American and American-made products

Samples of authentic Native American products and knock-offs

The National Park Service sent monitors out to observe our demonstration, which was their very first “First Amendment” event receiving a permit for that location. They found us to be well-behaved and earnest! We told Xanterra concession staff that our goal for them is greater sales, which they’ll achieve if they carry more authentic American-made and Native American-made products. See pictures here…

‘Demand American-Made’ Campaign to Launch at Grand Canyon

U.S. and Native American artisans, entrepreneurs and advocates will gather May 27-29 for the kick-off of a national campaign to create jobs for American and tribal makers of gift, art and souvenir products.

COMMENTARY: Searching for Authentic America


Calling on National Park Shops to Carry More American Made By Wendy Rosen: Why aren’t the National Park Service’s concession-run stores doing their part for economic recovery? They have won the privilege to do business on federal land, but have turned their backs on hundreds of American small businesses and tribal artisans who desperately need […]

Grand Canyon Event, May 27-28-29


Join us at the Grand Canyon: Check here for event details. “Demand American Made” rally at the South Rim.